Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Excuses. Excuses..

2013 wasn't a great garden year.  I'm sitting here on a snow day and we don't have any frozen tomato soup to hit the spot.

Excuse #1-  Henry

Excuse #2- the tiller
    The old rear-tine craftsman tiller that has been getting it done for upwards of a dozen years was spilling more gas out of a poorly reconstructed carburetor than it was delivering to it's sputtering motor.

Excuse #3-the rain
    All of those prayers for rain over the years got answered this year all at once.  Early summer was a wash.  By the time we went to the beach in July over half of the tomato plants had drowned.

Soooo- 2014- Solution #3- If it looks like the pit will hold too much water I'm going to dig a little channel out at the side and loose all of that nutrient-rich compost tea out into the yard.

Solution #2- I got myself a new husqvarna tiller that I already used a couple of weeks ago to get everything ready for 2014.

Solution #1- Big man is going to be ready to eat vegetables this year.  I'm pretty happy to be able to grow Henry some organic veggies.  Of course he probably won't have anything to do with them.