Monday, August 11, 2014

zucchini soup?

Test recipe:
roasting some potatoes and zucchini.  4 red potatoes roasting at 450 with some olive oil before i add 1.5 huge zucchini cut into inch cubes.  We were at deb and brians this morning while Deb was making some chicken cassarole.  I grabbed a gallon of her chicken broth from the stove and brought it home in a milk jug.  I've got half of it simmering on the stove in a huge pot with some sauteed onion and celery. I threw it all together and let it cook for a bit.  I added some whole milk and heated it back up to almost boiling.  Blended, bagged, and freezed.  It tasted like a cream of celery soup.  Something I don't thing I want to just eat, but I should be able to use it in place of a canned soup in a casserole.  We'll see.
I got the general idea from this recipe on allrecipes: