Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An exciting day

Reasons why today was a good day:
1.  My last day of work for the year was a coaches golf tournament.  very nice
2.  The blog got its first 2 followers today, and for the first time I didn't account for 100% of the page views.( ok, the followers are my fiance and Susan looking for something to do while they're at work, but since nobody else looks at the page anyway I don't need to say that.)
3.The bird I saw two days ago really was a scissor tailed flycatcher.  I watched it again yesterday and it put on a show.  I tried to take some pictures but they all turned out to be little white specks on top of a fence, a black and white blur with a sky background(still speck sized), or he landed in the tree right beside us and then I got pictures of leaves and a black tail sticking out.
I called my birdiphile uncle robbie when I saw the scissor tail again and confirmed the sighting, but he wasn't there and he hasn't called me back.  I left a message with the bird lady at the schiele museum and she hasn't called me back.  Either she doesn't care, or she gets a dozen calls a day from Gastonia rednecks with outrageous bird sightings and didn't feel like bursting another simple minded bubble.  So.. I posted a message on the Charlotte Audobon Society's listserv and I've excited all sorts of birders who want to know where Forestview High School is all of a sudden.  One fellow told me this would be his "year bird."  I don't tell normal people that I sit around and watch birds all the time because I don't want to seem like too big of a dork, but if you add these folks to the birding spectrum I think I fall in the normal range now.
I'll talk about my squash soup next time I get a chance.

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