Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012-  Summer is officially here.  And here comes the heat.  Every day around 90 and just a slim chance of afternoon showers.
The squash looking a little droopy in the midday sun.

Last year it was hotter earlier though.  I remember all of the blackberries turned brown before they could turn black.  This year we're getting in a few blackberries that the birds leave us.  The squash are starting to slow down.  I only pulled in about a dozen this afternoon.  I think they are pretty picky about what the conditions are when they set their blossoms.

 aptly named bee balm

 The pit- from the outside looking in.

The tomatoes are just hitting their stride though.  I brought in a pile of cherry tomatoes and 3 real tomatoes.  The beans are growing well, and there are little cukes growing on a couple of our plants.

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