Thursday, June 7, 2012

Early June Update- 6/7/12

The weather continues to smile on the garden.  We're getting pretty decent rain, hot afternoons for growing, and occasional cool breezes that help with working out there.  There are red jars of beets pickling in the back of the fridge.  A big tupperware thing of peas in the fridge waiting for me to figure out what to do with them.  Onions and garlic are drying on the porch and being used in the kitchen.

I picked 3 squash sunday and sauteed them up with some onions.  I went back out tuesday and found 5 more.  I put 1 in with some pasta and there are still 4 sitting on my counter with another round of picking planned for this afternoon.  Time to get creative with some recipes or else get generous with the family.
A bee on a leek flower
The lillies adding a nice dose of color to the yard.

Between the ligustrum, gardenia, and the nandinas, the yard is smelling pretty good.  The bees seem to have plenty to keep them busy.
The eggplants have their first blooms, and Holden is watching the beans growing around the edge of the pit.  Because the peas were still doing well, the beans and cukes got in the ground a little late.  The beans have made the top of the fence, but there aren't any blossoms on the them or the cukes yet.  I'm still struggling with the okra too.  Some of the plants are up, but I've put out seeds in a few spots 3 times now.

And the Scissor-tailed flycatcher is back at Forestview.  I posted the sighting on the Mecklenburg Audobon Society listserv and the fellows with their telephotos have already been over here taking some nice shots:

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