Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yesterday I took the carrot and beet above to school for lunch.  All the lunch guys are eating their usuals:  Dan and his fast food, free chicken, or daughter food, Pat had some sort of vegetarian mush plied into patty between a couple of buns, Kurt had some crackers and tuna, John, i don't even have time to begin talking about the stuff that man chokes down in our 20 minute teacher lunch.  With all that freaky food around the table, my root vegetables were the weird stuff.  The only comment that the carrot brought was Kurt saying that he "smelled dirt."  John mentioned his mom's concern over me feeding her a piece of asparagus that I had rubbed on my shorts to clean it before I handed it to her.  Everyone agreed that the dirt was favorable to pant legs.  The beet sparked some interesting poop discussion.  There's not much that isn't suitable for lunch discussion at that table, so we all took beet poop in stride.  Of course John brought it up.  He said after you eat beets your poop turns dark red.  I agreed and said it even bleeds dye into the water so you think you have a serious issue if you don't remember the beets from the day before.  I passed my beets today and didn't even take a picture or video as members of our table suggested.
Yesterday's highlight wasn't the lunch discussion.  It was going to my college roommates book signing.  Lauren knocked off of work early and we headed to the library.  We barely made it into the packed out room, but I am so glad we did.  This was the first time I've seen Wiley in 8? years, and now he's at a podium in front of a room full of people holding up his first published book.  Listening to him and seeing his face took me way back to a carefree but formative part of my life that I don't think much about anymore.  I got to see Johnny Wadd, and lauren called me with a list of names that had made facebook comments that I haven't heard in years.  When we were leaving Wiley at the library he said that he'd read my blog.  I think i write this stuff down for myself and it made me a little nervous thinking about Wiley laughing at my sophmorish rambling.  It was good to feel connected to a true friend that I'm very proud of though.  That's the only line that I want Wiley to read.

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